Samath PET

We offer a wide range of machines that produces products with varies capacities, color, shape, size and designs. Bottles/Jars manufactured by our machines are available in different floral patterns that imparts attractive look. Our range of PET machines is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, food and beverage industries. Our customer can avail customized machines as per their specifications.

Products & Applications

  • FMCG Products Packaging Bottles
  • PET Jars & Packing Of Solids
  • Water Packaging PET Bottle
  • PET Bottle & Food Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging

FMCG Products Packaging Bottles

Our Machine offers a variety of superior FMCG Product Packaging Bottles/Jars which are widely used in packing of several products such as Shampoo, Aromatic Oil, Creams, Cosmetic and Hygiene Products. Our range of FMCG Packaging Bottles and Jars is in high demand owing to their unmatched qualities, contemporary designs, colours, shapes, and sizes

PET Bottle & Food Industries

Food Packing PET Bottles are made according to the demands of customers. Food Packaging PET Bottles/Jars are used for packing liquid products such as Juice, Honey, Edible Oil, etc. Food Packing PET Bottle/Jars are available in 200/250/500 and 1000 ml sizes with 28 mm neck, which are suitable for hot fillings

PET Jars & Packing Of Solids

We offer machines for jars of varied storage capacities. These PET jars are made from highly pure pastics which are toxic free. Used to store different food items, water, toys and other materials, these jars are strong but light in weight. Available in diverse designs, sizes, colors and sizes, these PET jars are highly attractive and enhances the decor of the kitchen. We offer a comprehensive range of machines available in 500 ML to 20000 ML sizes with 53/63/83/96/120 mm neck

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical Storage Bottles successfully matches with the desired specifications of the customers. These Pharmaceutical Packaging Bottles can be blown in various sizes from 60 ml to 200 ml with 25 mm and 28 mm neck sizes and in clear/amber colour

Water Packaging PET Bottle

Water Packaging PET Bottle