Samath PET
  • J2ME offers variety shapes of jars that are used to store different food items like Pickles, Cereal, Water, Toys and other Food Grains. These Jars are strong but light in weight.
  • J2ME can manufacture250-300 Jars per hour of 2kg and 300-350 jars per hour of 1 kg. 800-900 bottles per hour of 1litre and 500-600 bottles per hour of 2litre can be manufactured. This is a combo machine which can be used for blowing bottles as well as jars
  • Product Capacity 30ml to 2litre
  • Customer can avail moulds in various designs, sizes as per the market needs
  • In case of sudden Power failure, Machine is equipped with a stand by UPS system to run conveyor and electronic PLC for minimum 15 minutes. This function saves PLC from getting damaged due to power failure / fluctuation. Also the Preforms which are already in the heater can be blown till the time air is available in compressor thereby reducing the wastage of preforms

 Specification Unit J2-ME
 Product Capacity BOTTLE ml 30 to 2000
 Neck Dia mm 25 to 30
 Production (28mm - 1Ltr) bph 800 to 900
 Product Capacity JAR ml 100 to 2000
 Neck Dia mm 38 to 96
 Production (83mm - 1Ltr) jph 500 to 600
 Cavity for BOTTLE no 2
 Cavity for JAR 1KG-83mm no 2
 Cavity for JAR 2KG-96mm no 1
 Max. Product Height mm 340
 Air Requirement kg/cfm 26-30 / 40-50
 No of Neck Holders mm 68
 Blowing Pressure kg 25 to 30
 Operating Pressure kg / bar 8 to 9
 Heater Power kW 14
 Running Power Consumption kW 8 to 10
 Clamping Stroke mm 200
 Mould Platen Size mm 440X340X40
 Dist. Between Tie Bar mm 330
 Cavity Centre Distance mm 150
 Clamping Force mt 8
 Max. Mould Thickness mm 160
 Min. Mould Thickness mm 140
 Dimension of Main Blower-LWH mm 1980x610x3040mm
 Dimension of Preheater-LWH mm 1980x915x1370mm
 Weight of Main blower kg 680
 Weight of Preheater kg 350

“ In our endeavor to improve quality, product specifications and look may change without prior notice”